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I ain't got no issue (No, no)
Shit runnin' out your mouth, here a tissue (Here it go, go, go)
Do we have a problem? I'm ready to dismiss you (Go, go)
Doing 80, I can't see up out my rearview (Bankroll)
Got the white girl moving like we at the disco (Roiiiii)
Know some grimey niggas moving weight in 'Frisco
If you do it then it ain't no need for talking (Duh, duh)
I be on my lonesome, I don't need nobody
(I'm working on dying)
Came in with my niggas but I know I'm on my own
Smoke by myself 'cause I love to be alone
Keep my guard up 'cause I can't trust a soul
Wanna see me down but I could never fold
Hold ya head high cause I steady bankroll
La Goony Chonga, 3 bad little shones
You ain't on shit still at yo' mama home
Pay your phone bill and you claim that you grown

[Hook (x3)]
They on me, they on me
They all on me, mane

Yeah, yeah, it's bankroll chonga baby, you already know what it is
We on that treadmill, bitch, we runnin' one hundred thirty thousand miles an hour, you feel me
All you bitches wanna keep up, put some respect on the motherfuckin' sound, bitch
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