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Juice Lyrics


[Verse 1]
I'm dead right for no (?) placement
Walk up in a room
On my own
Make a statement
Talk about my lyrics
But I ain't gotta say shit
Asking me for more entertainment
Think that I care
But you highly mistake me
Money top the ladder
So you know that I say less
I don't give a fuck about clout or being famous
You ain't got the juice
So you stay hating
All you got is features without 'em you be nameless
I'm spending all my money
You can tell that I'm saving
Living life fast
And you know that I'm dangerous

Yeah, I got the juice (x5)
Pull up 22, niggas down to shoot
Gotta deuce, deuce
What you tryna do
Yeah, I got the juice (x2)
Pull up new shoes
Who the fuck is you?
Yeah, I go the juice (x3)
Who the fuck is you?

[Verse 2]
These bitches looking down
They need a face lift
You ain't nowhere bitch
Not even adjacent
You could get replaced with
You is just replacement
Tryna copy me
But you make my shit look basic
Worry about me
Better worry about your safety, bitch
Worry about your safety
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