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Like Me Lyrics

Bone Brothers – Like Me Lyrics

They want to be just like me, look just like me,
dress just like me, and act just like me/ Want to sound just
like me, and rap just like me, get bitches like me, but
can't G up like me [Ya'll just don't know]

-Layzie Bone-
Look dog, I'm a thoroughbred,
pistol totin' hard head/ Killa for the scrilla, man,
hittin' you with this hot lead/ Tend setter, nobody does it
better/ Want to G.P with a thug nigga? Better get yo' shit
together/ Them polished, pimpin' playas, all of my partners
pushin' something/ When it was '89 I was packin'
9's, sellin' dope and dumpin' (Buck Buck Buck)
Uh, uh uh, ain't that the shiznit? Layzie Bone got some
money 'cause Layzie Bone handled his business/ Ya'll
niggas be slackin' up, tryin' to be me, actin'
up/ You need to be tryin' to do you 'cause doin'
me too flashy for you (Yeah) Now, say my name and watch these
bitches come flockin' up/ Comin' hard, stuntin'
on 'em/ These haters be watchin'/ I'm
droppin' bombs like the Taliban, messed like a L.A Mexican/
Psycho like Norman Bates when it comes down to the cheddar, man
(Ya'll just don't know) What it took to get here;
Talkin' blood, sweat and tears/ Ridin' and perfect
timin' payin' dues in here for years


-Bizzy Bone-
Mr. Miraculous with
the acrobatic wordplay/ These bitches ain't worthy, they
suckin' like you never gon' hurt me/ Most
motherfuckin' certainly/ Throw up the 7, fuck your game, we
down and dirty/ Me and Lay tighter than Nelly and his homie
Murphy/ On in a day / With a stomach full of Henny; I'm
spiritual, ya'll earthly/ Close the curtains, niggas shot
at the door/ Protective custody, don't drop the soap (Bubba
want him, whoa!)/ (?) dagger (?) the arrow back to the
backstabber / Mathematical habitat of maniacal mad me and
I'm gettin' plastered/ Watchin' the strippers
work hard for they' money and dog, the lookin' lovely/
This is Babylon; 7 Sign rough and ruggery (I'm a bust your
motherfuckin' head, nigga) Only killers can hug me,
it's all cool in the game/ Celebratin' with bubbly/
Very agressive; we dumpin'/ Ya'll soft like dumplings


-Layzie Bone-
(Whoa) Nigga got the whole world watchin' braids,
showin' duece how to rock the stage/ When LL was
rockin' bills I was scramblin' gettin' my pockets
paid/ And I ain't stoppin' til I'm in my grave,
and that's until the casket drop/ Never leave the crib
without my plastic Glock (Buck buck)/ Stop, no can't,
don't want that ain't in my vocabulary/ I promise not
to do it nigga, unless it's absolutely necessary/ Feel my
vibe; Drunk, twisted and high/ Go ahead and do you; The grass
ain't greener on the other side

-Bizzy Bone-

Oh my God! We always into something illegal/ Gettin'
the paper, black undertaker cakin' the crib, duckin'
the haters/ East side, North side fo' sho'/ Throw up
the Bone'fore I leave this bitch, murda mo'/ Cleveland
Avenue 1-6-1, the enforcers/ Never the freeze crew green brow,
cops and guns/ I don't need you; He who stands alone/
I'm in the zone with the 7's/ I'm a dog from the
Bone, motherfucker

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