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Blow You Away Lyrics

Bone Brothers – Blow You Away Lyrics

-Intro-(Bizzy Bone)-Layzie Bone-
(Gangsta) Yeah.
That's Bizzy and Layzie Bone over there, dog.

We gon' ride, we gon' roll [I'm
a gangsta and I'm ready to blow] (I'll blow your soul

-Bizzy Bone-
Put the pistol to my
brain one second before I squeeze/ Since I'm a gangsta,
I'm a put myself on my knees/ I'm dreamin' of
suicide, I'm sick and feelin' depressed/ And I'm
stressed out like a motherfucker, I can't even rest/ I
smoke weed, drink liquor just to ease the pain/ They used to
tell me that God was cryin' whenever it rained/ I grew up
without my momma and father; Just me and my sisters/ And they
split us all up and foster/ I've been molested and I
learned about love/ I don't respect women, now I'm
just sinnin'/ Nigga, what? I'm livin' I want me
to survive like this/ If it's Heaven and the Abyss,
I'm a pop a bottle of Crys/ Now, I'm drinkin' and
drinkin' and drinkin' and smokin' and
smokin' and thinkin' and thinkin' with a little
bit more Moet/ My mind still stiffer, it's been a fool
can't take it/ God save me, I keep turnin' my soul
over to Satan

-Layzie Bone-
Aw shit! Look what
the wind blew in/ Nigga, better move I'm finna get started/
Lil' L Burna from the land of the heartless strapped with a
9, don't make me spark it/ You probably heard the news, if
not, you need to check it/ Bone Thugs N Harmony done broke away
from Useless Records/ We independent now, this shit ain't
funny now/ Get so much money now, and I'm lovin' the
way it's goin' down/ Roll or get rolled over, partner/
#1, nigga that's my name/ Winnin, scorin' stayin'
on point/ Nigga, gimme the ball, that's my game/ No
disrespect/ Murder One with the best of the best (Bizzy) From
the North to the South; From the North to the South, to the East
to the West/ Oh yes, I'm blessed/ Nigga, don't need no
vest/ No stress, we want it all and nothing less, no, nothing


the M-O T-H-U-G, Scant Bone thuggin' everyday up in the
streets/ You know I'm rollin' with niggas, yeah, we
partners in crime/ Why a nigga would want to waste my time and
steal my shine; I'm comin' for mine/ You niggas be
thinkin' you're some gangstas? Ya'll bitches a
bunch of wankstas/ No killers, drug dealers, no felons, no
snitches who tellin'/ I'm all hardcore criminals, you
duckin' and runnin' now/ Our slugs have hit ya and
now, you land six feet up underground/ We just so scandalous,
you bitch-made niggas can't handle us/ Don't make
nigga come back to church/ Now, your momma's cryin'
feelin' hurt/ And now, that's gangsta; Better believe
we comin' with it/ And if you thinkin' we
playin', bitch, well come and get it

See I didn't want to do it, but I had to do it/
Hell yeah! Scan-o go and pop the trunk/ Little Bizzy come
through with a glock and a pump/ Now I'm (?) go and dump /
Fuck these chumps, it's all about us/ Come around here;
These thugs gon' bust/ Ash to ash, and nigga, dust to dust/
And I will blow your soul away...

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