My god is anything that can take this away, that's all I
Care about so leave me the fuck alone. You only block the
Way to what I really want, to feel nothing at all and to
Forget about you. If you think I ever gave a shit about
You, you were dead fucking wrong, reach out to me, I'll
Run you fucking through. Why don't you see I have no need
To dream? Don't try to set me right I'm not worth the

Fight. All I am good for is amounting to nothing; all I
Look forward to is a bag full of dope. If you think I
Could ever give a shit about you, you were dead fucking
Wrong, I will run you through. And if you ever try to
Reach out to me, I will take what you give, and I will
Run you through.
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Run You Through Lyrics

Blue Monday – Run You Through Lyrics