Black smoke a shroud over the city the epicenter is
Sullen no movement at all. While they hide in wretched
Shelter and smother their babies into breast. A
Clandestine murmur of sorrow resonated in the streets.
When the sun rises in they pull their dead from the
Rubble. They pull their children from beneath the fucking
Rubble. And another world away a mother drops to the
Floor raises her face to the sky and cries "what the fuck
For?" And those in power lead this masquerade to them
It's only a game. As the innocent suffer. Religious
Zealots capitalize on these times spreading their drivel
And lies. As the innocent suffer. Propaganda euphemizes
Brutality keeping the masses in line. As the innocent
Suffer. Nationalist lies create the perfect disguise for
Economic plunder. As the innocent suffer.
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Bereaved Lyrics

Blue Monday – Bereaved Lyrics