And you say you're saved
But i don't remember blasphemy
Being a righteous thing
Tempers flare
Clouds your mind
And the only thing you scream
Tends to be
My true love and saving grace for me
Empty emotions don't waste your breath on these words
Free to speak
And i won't preach
But cut the crap it's not funny
Repress the urge
To use those words
You're killing all His dreams
And the endless stream
Of forgeries
Will never do a thing
Trust in Him and you will rightly see
Those choice of words
Are so absurd
And won't be used by me
For every time that i've been mad
I never went back on what i've said
And choose expressions that don't make sense
Til death i fight it with every beat of my heart
Saying nothing won't change a thing
And dying wishes that you'll someday see
Give disgust another chance to speak
Just watch your mouth
It's the only way
My brothers won't stand for this
The second time and you could catch a fist
Maybe then you will respect His gift
Just watch your mouth
It's the only way.
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Watch Your Mouth Lyrics

Bloody Sunday – Watch Your Mouth Lyrics