You try to justify your actions
And the lies
Hiding from life
Terrified of a God
That you can not see
You think I'm just another sheep
But you're a machine
Corrupted system with no beliefs
Your faith is based on unbelief
You can see it in the hate you keep
There was a time
When I was just like you
Blind to the truth
I will never give in
To life and the boundaries of man
I won't live my life in sin
I won't ever go back again
You think you're free
But you're in a trap
Been down that road
And I won't go back
Your eyes are open
But still you cannot see
A senseless inception
Is what you choose to believe
I can not live in a world
Where my fate is based on chance
Do you think
That life is just an equation
With no one behind the scenes
To solves the problem
The father of your beliefs
Did not believe himself
You call evolution a fact
But I call it science fiction
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Fact Or Fiction Lyrics

Bloody Sunday – Fact Or Fiction Lyrics