Downcast Eyes
Feeling The Flames
Under Submission Of His Goat Hoof
Dancing Like Marionettes
Controlled By Their Evil Impulses

No Mercy
No Life
Under The Shadow Of The Horns
Break The Chains & Break The Curse
Stand In Conviction
In The Gates Of His Heart
Taking Lives And Taking Hopes With Your Permission
It's Pure Chaos!
This Is The Price To Sell A Soul

Self Submission
No Needed Support
It's The Stone They Faced Each Time
Godless! Godless!
I'm In Control
Bloody Tears And Burning In Hell

Regretting The Price of Denial
Super Humans Never Survive
Going Around In A Circle Of Pride
Super Humans Never Survive
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Under The Horns Lyrics

Blast From Oblivion – Under The Horns Lyrics