Lusting Out Of Control
Lusting Out For More
Self-Respect's A Mystery
Self-Control Is History
Traveled This Road Too Many Times
Leading Me Straight Toward The Abyss

Headed For Annihilation
Headed For Annihilation

Waking Up Next To A Stench
Full Of Regret
Ashamed And Remorseful
Oblivious Flaws
Mysterious Thoughts
Suffer Through Your Consequence

The Demons Have Spread Their Wings
To Make You Think It's Alright
The Demons Have Spread Their Wings
Making You Feel Innocent

Prisoner Of Filthy Chains
Deceptions Creeping In Your Head
You Thought You Found Love
Instead You Found Shame
Foolish Actions Taken Again

I Pray For You To Lift Me Up
Please Fill Me With Your Mighty Strength
Give Me Control To Win This War
You Are My One And Only Hope
You Are The Keeper Of My Soul
You Are The One Who Cares
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Appetite For Flesh Lyrics

Blast From Oblivion – Appetite For Flesh Lyrics