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Half 'n' Half (feat. Mystro) Lyrics

Blak Twang – Half 'n' Half (feat. Mystro) Lyrics

[Blak Twang] (Mystro)
Mighty Mystro (Yeah)
You take this 'alf bro', I'll take the next 'alf (Aiight)
We'll do this half and half (Aiight, speakin' of half blood)

[Mystro] (Blak Twang)
Check it..
I'm fully sick, that's only half of the madness
MCs see me comin' through and more than half of them vanish
I can't screw, that's only part of the package
Like I spit into space, and leave this Universe with half of a planet
You should feel that I'm sharp and a stabbin'
you half-arsewhips
Thinkin' you large right?
But you aren't quite you half-pints
I grasp mics and start to spit in a way
that take's the piss out of all these half-wits in the place
I'm feelin' more than half wicked today
So after I take the piss I'll throw some half hard shit in ya face
And you can't test
that's why we aren't stressed
Me and me Blak Twang spars get more attention than strippers that's half dressed
(Aiyyo Mys', stress?)
Blood, I can't, f'real I'm blessed
I spit at the bricks of ya house and leave when there's half and buildin' left
You ain't heard the half of it son
I'm the man that can spit a whole verse with half of a lung
and half of a tongue
I make more than half of you run
And if not, you gettin' knocked half way outta the ring with half of a punch
I'll make half of you breakfast and half of you lunch
And I ain't eatin' you flavoured
that means I'm eatin' you fakes up, after I'm done

[Blak Twang] (Mystro)
So what you havin'? (I'll have half)
Top half or bottom half? (Fresh half or rotten half?)
Or the lost and forgotten half?
(We flow with prope
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