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Blood And Fire Lyrics

Blak Twang – Blood And Fire Lyrics

Blood and Fire

Ay-yo blood fa yo posse.

Tony more fire the vampire slayer.

Yo, yo, yo

Fire, fire, fire,
Here comes Tony more fire.
Fire, fire, fire
Here comes the fire blazer.
Fire, fire, fire
Here comes the imperial fire
With the fire, fire, blood and fire.

I’m a self defined proper gunner,
One of the lads.
Left wing, Dagenham, two stops short of bargain man,
Blak Twang
From the back lands of bse,
When mad cows are friggin’ pigeons
And pigeons are friggin’ sheep.
I’m a brotha like outlaw, Southport,
Coming with the left, right
Right, left to left your mouth sore
I got you all
Ready for my downpour,
You’re heading for a downfall,
Head first, face flat on the ground floor.
Great like the outdoors,
Black and proud for,
Everlasting, masking ideas when I make an out score
Sounds so sossora
Dirty ickle warrior
Defending the underground inside the queens’ corridor.
Run up in the palace when it’s after dark,
In my boots masked off and my arsenal scarf.
Dr. God
Tell him about his bomboras
Burn a fire ‘pon a fool with some back draft for last.

The raps, telling panic training from the black planning
Armed and dangerous with army trucks, tanks of acid
Yeah, in this era I’m still the bollocks
Throw lyrics in your face like Patrick Vieira at Neil Rudder
What a man like cha
Kiss my cheek
That chief that this my beat can kiss his mums underneath. Just cool.
You don’t even know me fool,
That kid got all of your money take your gold I know your truce.


Blood and fire
Blood and fire ya ya
Bad politician
Fire pon dem
Bent police officer
Fire pon dem

(One lord)

Bug or beggar still,
Do whatever you feel,
Some carry disdain that’s looking to steal, quicker than a mil’
Knocker gels pitch blood like jellied eels
Can steal buckets and balaclavas to blag a meal
You really want a life edge, better study the lege
Cause if you’re slightly off your head
And you don’t know the lege you’re dead.
It’s all about the wedge, in this great paper chase
So make your place right now, don’t delay it till later mate
Some wanna figure configurations of pearls
They’ve got no consideration for the streets of the world.
It’s a dog eat dog world mate
Fuck your blind matey
He’ll put you to bed before you can say rock-a-bye baby
Fuck the penny for the guy
That’s the lullaby
There’s no limit for street soldiers,
Not even the sky,
I live by the diy effect,
Live with the seven method,
Live with yourself, do or dead and you’re guessing
I see why we don’t see eye to eye
Brethren don’t sensitise
Don’t pray and don’t cry
It’s the danger of the beast in each and every one
With an appetite for destruction and sacrifice.


Blood, It’s happening all over the atlas
So pass the matches
Let me start the fire and burn this fascist to ashes
First them fascists
Second them Nazis
Third them armour men in the houses of parliament courting up taxes
Fact is it’s to stop people coming and living abroad
Cause of fraud,
When the real fraud stars in the House of Lords
I live in the smelly belly
They don’t show you on telly
When brethrens are robbing silly
And don’t relate to Nelly
Or his country grammar
In this country it’s ghetto grammar
Don’t think for a sec
They’re ‘pared to konk back the metal hammer or squeeze
Breds get blazed like cigga weeds
I could be on some gun talking bout but niggas bleed
And poor people starve to the point of paralysis
Cause they’re scared to score from corporation making fat salaries
Interact with psycho analysis over the net,
May as well as all humans contact and don’t connect
The next generation’s raised on Teletubbies and computer buddies
And they’re supposed to be the future…
I’ve studied the past to analyse the present
I see what all the fools in the future call Armageddon.

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