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Silence Lyrics

Black Milk – Silence Lyrics

I hear the drummer strike the sky
I hear the drummer strike the sky
Silent at days end...
I hear the drummer strike the sky (x8)

[Verse 1: Black Milk]
Yeah, talk too much
Grind online nigga blog too much
Tell the world quiet down
Speaking at the same time everybody talking loud
Can't hear nothing
Got too many people here, all in your ear frontin'
Tryna sell you a dream
On your TV or computer screen it ain't what it seems
Tryna hear yourself think over the hype
Labels tryna change art and what you say on the mic
Media hype, bark bigger than the bite
World's a squirrel getting crushed by a meteorite, fuck it
Paid to lose or paid your dues or paid for YouTube views
Either way it don't matter when some so desperate to win
Or be heard they refuse to lose, so animated
Move like some, they tell you to move nigga move like none
Let the beat move on the one when the kick and the snare hit
Watch the crowd move by the drum

I hear the drummer strike the sky (x8)

[Verse 2: Black Milk]
Yeah you where I be
When you hear 'em talk in the streets
The one that's making the most is the one that don't speak
The one talking the loudest is the one doing the least
Geezsh, don't mean to be rude
Even after the show, don't meant to be crude
Holla at the fans and probably even blow something
But know something, this is not an interview
In the party tryna sip, they in your ear tryna politic
Standing right in my view dawg of what I'm tryna pursue dawg
See me tryna get on this chick
Lotta niggas think the world is waiting on 'em
Other niggas think everybody is hating on 'em
Lotta cats talk the talk but can't live it
Everybody got an opinion and is a critic, silence...
Don't give me that, wanting to talk about real boom-bap
And how you love real rap (real rap)
Either you can greet me like "peace" when you see me
We can talk real talk just holla "what up Black"


[Beat Flip]
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