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RePPiN For U Lyrics

Black Milk – RePPiN For U Lyrics

So let me paint this picture

[Verse One: Black Milk]:
Every single line was written, explodin' like bombs droppin'
It's like I'm Bin Ladin when my pen's jottin'
The best to most, extra votes
A flow that'll shock most like electric volts
So yes, E.B. the best, Black spit that shit
Others just spit B.S
Tryin' to be larger than life is the rule that I reach fo'
Till y'all look as miniscule as a peep hole
Yo, yo, Black be the face of the people that tired of the weaker raps
Tired of the people that's, giving artists bad names
Hip hop seeing that
Seeing Black spittin' harder tracks till the beats collapse
Fuck it, why should I worry when my team's winning?
Out spending no limits, thousand dollar jean denim
We reppin' the D, obviously, yep I be out for presidents to represent me
Yeah, nigga, so what you reppin'?

[Hook: AB]:
I keep reppin' real music for ya
I've been reppin' for ya
I keep reppin' real music for ya
I've been reppin' for ya

[Verse Two: Black Milk]:
Then one day
This dude asked me, "What's the answer to this hip hop cancer?"
I'm so hungry for real shit it feels like I'm fasting
They told me, stop living in the past, get past it
The Golden Era it would never come back
Told him, I hear what he's saying and I'm tryin' to be a crutch to hold it up
But I know what I contribute is not enough so
I have nothing to say
I'm as curious as you to see the outcome of the game
Fact remains I don't mind being platinum made
A platinum plaque in a picture frame
See, the difference with me is that I know what I'm called for
I stay and play my position like an all star
Till my pen fall I'mma play hard till the end all
Till I'm on the red carpet with flashing lights like pinball
Machines, it seems that's what I'm here for

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