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Reagan Lyrics

Black Milk – Reagan Lyrics

[Fat Ray]

It's like this and like that and like this and a
Police scanner in the Pananmera, extraordinaire
They well aware of the debonair
Ray's very rare
You derriere, ass nigga
I ask niggas
Is it sad that no one would be mad if you passed nigga?
You really gotta surpass niggas
It's like basic math when it come to cash
You gotta harass niggas if you wanna last til the last inning
Fast women
And the steak and crab dinners
Top of the class chemist
I spit the Breaking Bad nigga
Get that Birkin bag bitches
Ass swishes
The back pictures
He strive for the ass kissers
Back slide with your bride nigga
On fire, Richard Pryor nigga
It's like everything they told you was a lie nigga
Now cry nigga
We divvy up the pie nigga
My nigga
Like the same rules apply nigga
You never know who supply niggas
And you would be surprised to see how much shit the naked eye misses
Like a fucking eye witness
The game glitches
(Everything changes)
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