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Poison Lyrics

Black Milk – Poison Lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Milk]
And the story goes never how the story's told
Just woke up out a dream with my brain bent
Life glares mixed with nightmares
And now I'm tryna make it all make sense
I'm on my eighth sense, yo you know it ain't shit
We ain't grow up living the life nigga
It was poison in the place where we came from
We ain't grow up in no paradise nigga
I lay in bed while staring at the ceiling
While the scenes from the dreams is slowly disappearing
Got me thinking wish I could rewind time, yo just trippin'
Yo, rewind time do a lot of things different
Like moved out the game wouldn't of done it all the same
Wouldn't of been outside a club to rob a nigga for a chain
Probably should've remained in that church a little longer
But I didn't now I'm standing thinking death's around the corner
Uh, but make no mistakes yo
Made many mistakes though
Can't even fake so someone have to pay fo'
Got a lotta hate fo' so I had to pace slow
What does it all mean?
To lose your soul to try to live an American dream
Fuck a life here, I'd rather go to sleep and live inside my nightmare
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