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Perfected On Puritan Ave Lyrics

Black Milk – Perfected On Puritan Ave Lyrics

Now that I think about it
You ain't from, full dreams put the ball at hand
The rap game was a fall back plan
Crown was the only cross the street when we were young
Always heard as gram my tripping while we're playing 21
Og at the block, used to call the man
Throwin money and on every game we're playing in
505 people from the... , you better win
Put the reminestry, eye-eye, let's play the ten to that... Knock on the door
We hear it from his mom, saying mentions got all
We don't know if we gonna survive,
And the same couldn't stop the bleeding from his brain
He's gone tears share, the block was never the same.

It's time passes.

Yeah, puritan ave, looking over your shoulder
You don't realize you from the ghetto till you get a little older
On summer time, high be, summer time spitely
Somehow I had the white ring, rover put nightly
My nigga dray up, like yo I got this whipsless chick
You wanna lay up when you see that creep in
Great goose, hoped in, rooms like every weekend,
... Just wanna blaze up,
Blowin' money at the young age, to expect from some young players
That never seen and never had nothing
But make money or making rap shit,
And start living fast put some cash stuntin'
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