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Give The Drummer Sum Lyrics

Black Milk – Give The Drummer Sum Lyrics

It don't make no sense, how we still be makin those hits
People goin CRAZY when I drop this
Or when the bass hit or 'til the drum kicks
Give the drummer some, give the drummer some
Give the uh, drummer some, on the drums
When they play this in the spot, watch the people go dumb

[Verse 1]
Oh yo Black back at it, dag nabbit
Let me let the organ get a stab at it
It's a wrap for niggas I'm back rappin
On the track Black blackin the fuck out on the rap
Spazzin uh, bling wearer, new pair of New Era
Who dare to move where I'm at? Got a tool barrel
Ooh shit, Who is, ring leader he be the coolest
Blue wrist, fool and one of them newest
East, West side or cold got niggas on either coast
Gotta oh gotta throw, then I'm out adios
Got a hotter flow than most of these monotone MC'S
Simply can't compare to him, PLEASE
Get a breathe in, just breathe
Spotlight pop life I'm the next thing


[Verse 2]
You know what they sayin?
They like, Black came to bring the pain
Hardcore when he aim, ya dead like a corpse in the grave
Thoroughbred winner like the horse in a race
Horsepower in the Porsche at ya babe
Most foul with playettes, the sport that I played
This rap shit, now tell me who important in the game
Take it all in the bank, goin through the lanes
That's how I feel, a player in my court is my stage
Like a boxing match, I'm goin Ali
That's not a move, but you could call me the "Lord of the Ring"
In the game for the fortune and the fame
Every lines fire like a torch to the flame
Bring an arsenal with an arsonist
Rhymes hot like the end of the firearm wu=ith firehawk

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