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Dub Rock Lyrics

Black Milk – Dub Rock Lyrics

How we gon do it
More fire
It's heatin' up

Not playing' shit savage and all
My niggas spit hard hit hard till you stagger and fall
So savage wouldn't manage to brawl
Rhymes murder ambulance corps have you to tagged (?)
You can see us with the swag and the masks
See us, like to brag 'bout the cash
Then i like to smash on the gas
Rise till our feet hit the ceiling
Spit movies not rhymes spike lee with them lyrics
I'm back at it not done, the gwop comes
When the CD drops we tell 'em to cop one
I hope you got some
It's not not an option to get gwop
Music is where I got the knock from
Shit can get hard, you feel a slight tussle
I give it more muscle till my hustle's like Russell's
You gotta gome pay 'em
And if you not speaking 'bout cake you not speaking my language
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