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Black Kray – UZI EDWARD$ Lyrics

Ordering Chubby's territory is Renkers Corner
The Renkers leader was Delroy Edwards, known as Uzi
Because of his use of the machine gun of that name...
The Renkers gang still control this corner, even though their leader
Is serving six life sentences for murder in a U.S. jail
Members of the Renkers formed a vicious yardie gang
That grew rich on crack trafficking in Brooklyn and London

(Yea.. Blocka, blocka! Fyah, yea wa?)
Uzi was known for his brutality...
Hmm.. Straight from Flexico (Lahh!)

Uzi (Uzi), Uzi Uzi (chop choppa)
Hit 'em with the Uzi (choppa, blocka, blocka)

Uzi, Uzi, hit 'em with the Uzi
Ten gold rings and my bitch got a Uzi

AK! Blow with the AK
Gold mouth, ninety-two blunts got me lazy
Black trenchcoat with a glocko (blocka!)
Gold links, dialin' on the payphone
Two Uzis in my bitch purse
She a hood witch, working with the work (choppa!)
Lavish, world is so lavish
Trap house on the beach, loading up them ratchets
Bop, bop, bop! and your boy hit
Black beamer while I'm gettin' head
Hold up, slow up, roll up
Redbone with a red beam and she totin'
Diamonds, on the barrel smoking (choppa!)
Pink uzis, and they loaded
Are they sunproof? Cus the shots off
Gold on me wrist bring ya top off
I'm a rudeboy with a rude bitch
Crack vials in the art show, so art rich
All a nigga know what is stylin', dirty
Private, may walk with a candy

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