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Black Kray – SHORTY ’13 O’NAH BLOCK Lyrics

Trappin fasho
Pull up white rari im slammin my doors
Shorty '16 and she slangin yayo
My cousin '13 and he choppin up crack
Countin these racks i dont know how to act
My momma said black kray u need to fall back
But momma im young and im shynin fasho
All of my friends thuggin o'nah dirt road
Prada bags burberry shorty want more
I just got money wan go to the mall
Coppin the mid pack young nigga gon smoke
My girlfriends done left me all of them was hoes
So fuck i find him ridin up wit the chrome
Slidin im pullin up blastin the chrome
Niggas they bitchin by me like my hoes
So fuck all my niggas fuck them like a ho
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