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SQUAD LUV 100 BOO Lyrics

Black Kray – SQUAD LUV 100 BOO Lyrics

Don't want no one, want no one
Switch the alarm...
Please don't die
Please don't die
I don't want you to
Say she wanna live her life
Well, live your life...
Shawty, what you wanna do?
What you wanna do?

[Hook] x2
Girl, please don't die
And please don't cry...
What you wanna do?
Smoke a blunt or two
And watch the sun rise too
While we counting it too

Please don't die
And please don't cry...

[Verse 1]
Try to get this guwap
Shawty said her heart's gothed out
She wanna play with you
All I wanna do is shine
She wanna live her life
Now [?] slang white
Try to shine like why
Forever goth, day and night
Let's do [?]
Don't want no one...
Switch the alarm
For eternity, for eternity
Black [?]
Gotta get this pay
Yeah, I shine for her

Feel me? You my souljuh girl
Forever, girl
Goth love, smoking blunts
Posted up coolin, gang shit, forever shit
Goth love, you feel me?
If I ride with you niggas, four fingers up
4s clique baby...
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