{Bizzy - talking}
DJ U-Neek, we need to take 'em back to the projects, man
Like 1988, let me hit somethin real quick
We are Way 2 Strong
{Chorus: repeat 2x}
(We in the projects, projects, yeah)
I'm Thuggish Ruggish and Way 2 Strong
I'm Thuggish Ruggish and Way 2 Strong
(We in the projects, projects, yeah)
I'm Thuggish Ruggish and Way 2 Strong
I said Way 2 Strong, I said Way 2 Strong
Way 2 Strong, Way 2 Strong, Way 2 Strong
{Verse 1: Bizzy}
Somebody hide my homeboy
And I'm prayin those same old enemies try (???) things
One of my friends is comin with or without ya
Plus, I'm finna flip out then disappear in the rain
Those suckas can sue me, do me ain't seen a thing
Prison may make me loyal, murda may make me scream
I Been bustin with regime, fiend gonna rob me
For The Love Of $, cash, shots around me
Rebel with a cause with a sawed-off buckshot
Good side, pass off five shots
If I shot that boss glass eye go cock, cock, glock watch
Man's life shall squash
Now I've struck like war, pump like war, pump like war
And so, you follow me for triple dollar bill
What's your salary? you can holler then go fall when you talk
(????????) the general
When the federal general's on a mission
{Chorus: repeat 2x}
{Verse 2: Bizzy}
Projects like Y-A, sell rocks slide in my low-low, for sho'
Grab my pesos, compadre slow down don't take my photo
In a mo-mo lookin out the window with a four- four
Why you roll solo? cuz don't nobody know what I know, fo sho'
Buy my weed hoes, Little Eazy tell Jesus to let me be
I drink Hennessey til I can't see, where my regime?
Smack, Pennsylvania my end's low
I'm still in my
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Way 2 Strong Lyrics

Bizzy Bone – Way 2 Strong Lyrics