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It's The Light Lyrics

Bizzy Bone – It's The Light Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: Bizzy Bone]
It's the light, light, light, light
Shinin so bright, bright, bright
Comin out the darkness, angels we're callin, it's all right
All right, right, right, right, it's all right

[Bizzy Bone]
Been in a good fight, street wars and bar room brawls
And the arguments with the family but we family y'all
Get it back together as we laugh it off, baby it means so much
How could we ever ever stay out of touch?
So many tears that the children were to appear as they there
And I'm tryin to provide our kids, steadily on the grind but I'm sad
As the life roll, I need a humble abode
They think about it so warm cause the world's so cold
I gotta provide, stay ridin, tear slowly
Gotta get up by myself and pray to the Lord so lonely
Missin my Bone Thug homies, Makaveli and Pun
Left-Eye, Aaliyah, Biggie Smalls, yes we represent the one (one one one)
Long life prosperity, a huge fuckin family
My granny Philomina and she care for me
Time we get it together so we can shine so bright
Praise God in the darkness, yeah the light


[Bizzy Bone]
One time for they mind, see
It's a busy lifestyle, handle my business, I get a witness
And I kick it with the posse, I'm still chillin, can you feel it?
I don't need a copy, I'm a straight up G
I said I represent the Lord, no adultery
I stay focused on the mission, good music and drink
Honor your mother, honor your father, your people they links
Sink deeper in the thoughts and as quick get 'em out your brain
You get in if it's searchin, drive me crazy insane
Plenty water up in your body, flushin liver for health
Drink milk, eat fish, and remain yo'self
Complication, shake the loss, slow thoughts we crush
Remember, back in the days with galoshes and slush
Don't rush me, don't touch me dawg
Stay spiritual, I'm blessed, get up up out that fog
Don't rush me, don't touch me dawg


[Bizzy Bone]
Be about it, be about it
Be about it, be about it, be about it

And be about it, be about it when it's on, it's on
This battle was not colonel, sex demons be gone
Hex me it's on, Bizzy Bone bring 'em again
Break change of imprisonment, you feelin me mayne?
Still family orientated conducted in the spirit
Lyrically, I'm supposed to represent this
I represent it properly, yes I'm God's property
Nobody can stop me, nobody can stop me
Opt to be a lover and a fighter for truth
And the cops give me a hard time, raise the roof
190 proof, ever so clear as can be
See I can only be me, can only be be
I'm walkin in the forest as we dance to the trees
I've learned so much, hurt so much, everybody hurtin me
Still love 'em and it's all forgive 'em
For everything if someone asks


[Bizzy Bone]
So right, so right, so right
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