Mr shakur
Your essence reamains pure (yea yea yea yea)
And by the freedom of god we got a short shot
And jesus you been good 2 me
When lord stops, my life goes on for sure mr shakur
And blessed with your pressance you're essance remains pure

I never made it in school in '92
Lookin for a job as a part-time father
Only if you knew..
I quit the chronic
Girl, you know what it was gettin' me into
It's 1999 now, what we gon' do?
You owe, and let me sip 'em
When I pour out a little liqour
Baby I'm blastin your name
And make you out to be the sinner
Who spent they're holidays
With they're ghetto makin a hood dinner
Like in with your mid-wives... Tbc
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Life Goes On (Tupac Tribute) Lyrics

Bizzy Bone – Life Goes On (Tupac Tribute) Lyrics