Seek, all our lives,
For the stigmatism we suffer,

Blind betrayer feeds on me

Bleak, bodies try,
To forget about hereafter our
Authentic synthetic world

Sever through materialistic bone
Flesh ingested by another,
Raw insatiable drone
Severing our affiliation,
Within our lives and our dissection,
Tortured cries and we're consumed alive

Forever torn to shreds
Our lives wasted,
By evolution's executions

I saw and I feared and I lived while
I fell Silent now I am fading faster
Relentless the seasons derive from the fires
Burning fuel of this hatred
Unwanted the seasons revive blasts of fire
Stripping the life from my eyes,

Weak, thrown aside, left to
Decompose in a stupor,
Frenzied jaws, rip out, devour

Bleak, bodies cry, try to breathe
Through old mutilations,
Choking on shrapnel and blood
Shards of glass hang from every throat
Muscles torn in their submission,
More replaceable drones
Failing fast from our afflictions,
Loss of Feeling the creation
Tortured cries and we're consumed alive!

Crushed by your hatred, torched by your
Vicious morality, How could you do this?
How could you do this! ?

Grinding, Twisted

Living scion of dark horizons,
Depths of crushing pain

Ripping through the earth-resurrected
Fierce, convulsion
Living, breathing spawn
Ceaseless cycle,
A timeless destructive compulsion
Revived in brutal aggression
Carnage, desecration

Kill it now!

Lost in hostile ruin,
Future captured by risen tribes of darkness

Fires burning fuel of hate

Soulless, Murderer, executioner,
Hidden in denial, you are a Hypocrite,
Cannibal, Animal, cannibal!
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Cannibalised Lyrics

Biomechanical – Cannibalised Lyrics