[Verse 1:]
I'm a killing machine
A superior being
I'm a diamond of hate
The son of catastrophes
I'm the warrior of hope
I'm the king of your soul
I'm the holder of one hundred thousand legacies

Middle Verse
I'll fight here
Nocturnal form
And where no ears
Give your fear sound
Go find the strength
You showed today
Come hunt me down
I'll force you to attack

[Verse 2:]
I feel beyond your dim eyes
All I smell is disease
The wanton sinful neglect
Of a divine pure spirit
It's time for you to now pray
The church of sinners awaits,
Now what your fear and you hate
Will be unleashed upon you.

I'm falling through
The darkness of
Your shattered loves
Abandoned dreams
Rise again
Hellish sun
Where is your god for shelter?

Do you?
Do you really think you know me?
Time and time again I live
I conquer worlds you've never seen
Do you?
Do you really think you know me?
Time and time again I die
Violent deaths in distant skies

[Verse 3:]
Alive when asleep
I'm dead when awake
I'm a wasp in a cage
But there's still no way out
I'm dangerous to know
When the moon haunts the sky
When you close your eyes
And you're locked in my nightmare



Middle 8
My failure
On your world. Eight shadows torment my dreams.
My victory
On my world. Cursed angels herald your death.
Your soul is seduced by their song. Look through my eyes and tell me...
Do you really think you know me?


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Do You Know Me? Lyrics

Biomechanical – Do You Know Me? Lyrics