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No New Niggas Lyrics

Bino Rideaux – No New Niggas Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fully loaded motor, hardly ever sober
Soda sipping make your favorite stripper my promoter
Never slide up in her if the slop is mediocre
If I'm riding with them ones, we prolly riding with the blower
Not no lil shit, shit that might can fuck a nigga over
Make you lean on one leg, and hold the strap up on your shoulder
Got a bitch I can't shake and I ain't even chose her
She been playing with the white like she attracted to the older
From the [?] my captain was once soldier
All about the money, been stacking it with the holders
Out the blue the label, they asking we the owners
[?] where I want her
Young niggas living, old niggas getting older
And power turn a college going bitch to a smoker
Them streets cold but them OG's way colder
Big bank turning real niggas into folders


[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
When we pull up to the party it's a movie
In this world they only give respect to who pays
Got the number took it down, it took a few days
That money turn your main bitch into a groupie
Ten bottles of Moet, we pop Rosay
I been grinding man, that hustling my DNA
The BM dub, 80 bands I got frito lay
I got a hundred coming in but I ain't tryna wait
Y'all niggas still fucking with my old broads
Y'all niggas still driving in my old cars
I'm about to do a real nigga roll call
And fuckin' with you fake niggas, I don't know y'all
Them niggas tryna act hard, say they flipping bricks
Crazy thing about it, ones that got it don't say shit
I'm still caught up in the game, too legit to quit
PNC & out the blue, we bout to have the summer lit

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