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Becky Lyrics

Bino Rideaux – Becky Lyrics

Walk up in a store you can not afford
Pull up in the Porsche truck with the [?]
Roley on the dresser, blower in the drawer
Becky gimmi more, Becky gimmi more

Ayahh yahh yahh yahh yahh yahh yahh
Becky gimmi more, Becky gimmi more [x2]

[Verse 1]
Becky gimmi more, Becky gimmi more
I been on the road on a [?] tour
City in a drought but we got some more
Free the guy [?], free the guy [?]
Pull up S coupe, it ain't like yours
[?] when I pour
I been laying low on a high floor
Roley with the bezel got 'em like "Lord"
Like "Lord" when I'm slidin'
All them bitches they some druggies who gon' provide em
Heard them pussies lookin' for me I ain't been hidin' (where they at?)
Smoking weed with my lil baby, she from the islands
All this money ima chase it ain't no retiring
Choppa dance like Rosie Perez when I fire it
[?] ain't got no booty ima buy her
[?] and make a move on your supplier


[Verse 2]
I keep a .40 on hip
She let all my niggas from over here hit
We bought all the bottles, promoters don't help
Pour a hundred ounces and grab some more [?] (Yeahh)
Used to Ferragamo belts
All these bitches got feelings, mine don't matter
You got hundred bundle but mine a lil fatter
Situation ain't the same
[?] outside you ain't in the loop
Fuck around and slide by when I'm in the mood
'Cause you don't really like driving when I'm in the coupe
And she don't really like sirens and interviews
Like why do rappers try to sing on their interludes?
All them niggas hella lame bitch I'm from the [?]
Only need one thing so I'm sipping juice
Only need one thing so I'm sipping juice

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