(Voice sample:)
"Ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself. It is easy for
Me to put on a show, and be cocky so I can show you some really fancy
Movement. But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to
Express myself honestly enough; that my friend is very hard to do."
(Verse 1)
Like sand through the hourglass
So are the days of our lives
And for that lie, only we thrive
Awakenings, as we make the dead come alive
Rise and walk my son, come into the light
Inside the dark, we illuminate mics
Give knowledge to mediocre, the will to Neanderthal
Filter to the smog, digital to analog
We steady advancing, rhyme enhancing
Simple minds can't keep up with this
(Verse 2)
I'm a put it on the table
I ain't a thug nigga and playa
I ain't playful, I'm jus' a non-sinner
A man without label, standin' on my own two
Tryin' to stay stable
Speakin' what I know, to only what I label
I ain't the kinda guy who carry out for dough
The material cat who walk around for show
I'm jus' everyday, merry-way Joe-in-the-go
While other's go wit' the flow
I ain't never been the one to follow trend
I do my own bit, can't keep up with the Joneses
I'm on my own shit, I don't care what you drink
What you stress, how you dress, or where you got the link
I ain't impressed
These lames walk around like mice in the maze
Tryin' to get up on cheese, it's just a rap race
One escapes time seems to make
Man worships things over the supreme thing
A stop for lots, should I join the hypocrites
Or side with the suckers, by choice
It makes no difference, that you're a product of environment
Is just coincidence, the world's
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Honest Expression Lyrics

Binary Star – Honest Expression Lyrics