[Sample - Movie?]
It's a new day, motherfucker
[Scratched Sample]
Live 'cause I got no choice
[Senim Silla and the Anonymous]
This is for blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics
Christians, Muslims, Moors and Malayans
From north, west, east, south, Pacific to Atlantic
Binary Star, we mow mountains out of granite
[Senim Silla]
Feel the rhapsody
Fill this join to capacity
Senim grasp mics with pit-bull tenacity
These emcess adheeds
My platoon never at ease
Deadly I'm out already to seize the seas
Deep as twenty thousand leagues
Lyricist abyss
Drown rappers in my syllabus
Dive fifty fathoms
Still ain't met the depth that Silla's is
Chameleons can't adapt to this
Snatch a pebble, grasshopper, we done mastered this
[The Anonymous]
No need to practice this
'Cause every rhyme on my papyrus
Is naturally disasterous
I rock many fans, many hands clap to this
In many lands, from here to Minneapolis
These civil rights activists
Don't want none of me
'Cause in brief summary
I'm ripping foes apart
So remain seated like Rosa Parks
Because I bust (bus) like Montgomery
I let you have it
Nobody's next to grab it
I got lyrics to Go-Go like Inspector Gadget
In a bad habit fiending for the potency
I'm the Narcotics Anonymous Dope Emcee
On the hunt like scavenger
For months on the calendar
Any challenger trying to test this caliber
Binary Star battle your villainous characters to the end
We're poets, heroic like Super Friends
[Senim Silla]
Bruce Wayne and dick Grayson (Batman and Robin)
Dynamic combination
Get in simple complications
Burning sensations inflames th
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Conquistadors Lyrics

Binary Star – Conquistadors Lyrics