Donde estas!
Donde estas tu corazon puto!

Justice unknown you're all alone.
On your turf, but in my home.
Rock boots with braces, you're A racist.
With your white laces, but not to our faces.

White power hoes, you come to our shows.
Get your ass beat and your band blows.
Standing in back, running your trap.
Stating false facts, when you don't know me.

But I know you, and your fuckin' crew.
Who's got your back, but not one fool.

You're leaving now without A beatdown.
Who's out the club now? Go cry to mommy!

Brinque en mi estilo por mi gente blanco saben espanol. Racist muthafucker- I can't believe a fuckin' word you say!
Quidado con tu boca porque no tenemos el amor.
Closed minded muthafucker- best just stay away!
Tenemos mucha raza en nuestro maldita liga,
Sigue halabando porque te voy a caer encima.
With a Billy Club- racist pigs we'll make you pay
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Justice Unknown Lyrics

Billy Club Sandwich – Justice Unknown Lyrics

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