Losing someone so dearly important. My eyesight's glazed as he lays in the coffin. All the family, around him, embracing. My life goes by rewind, my mind keeps racing. All the good times- gone now, it's hard now. All that's left is depression and sorrow. Right things he's done, has made me follow. Keep feeding my heart, while it's empty and hollow!

Always have kept us straight.
Never cared what people think.
Correcting us when we were wrong.
Sadness always made you strong!

Still waiting for you to walk through the front door. Like nothing's changed, just the same as before. Good days are gone now, they just seem to get worse. All that's left is, my balls and your words!

For the rest of time I will remember thee. And the values that you instilled in me. Death came took you away from me.
So I remain to carry on the family!

I remain to carry on the family! (x4)
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