My hustla ambition I got 2 bitches
The game is my wife and the girl is mistress
And my wife understand let a man be a man
A gas of jealousy she ain't got to apprehend
What she not seen it is my wife why I made it
The reason why my house is all bills is situated
The reason why our bag shoes cause up dated
Pay my whole family Puerto Rican vacation
Truth told she part the reason why my gal want it
Channel that for lits like I ain't never... Belong it
A quality of time till talk a little different
I'm thumb in through the check and we had s** in the city

I never meant to hurt you
I know is real one thing up to the other
That's the life for fucking with the hustla
Every day nigga thinking of a come up
And I know it don't seem right
I guess that shit is just what goes with the stream light
It's what you sign with fucking with a hustla
Can't apologize baby I'm a hustla

All I have int his world is you, you you you
And her her her her, and her her her

I now you baddest fuck I'll make maddest fuck
Every single day you swear you had enough
But I ain't lay you don't know
You know so fuckin much
Plus I got too much of penny girl you stuck
I hate make plans 'cause I always get broken
The pets touch down I promise you I ain't going
Add can't focus stripped enough me a cover
Doing numbers in my head tryin out to frumble


90% of use never leave me
It's cause we're both in dangerous speed
I can't spend my life living in regret
Thinking bout them ills that I never met
Wonder what's in like a private jet
May I never have the brag on my pass seats
To live it up I risk it all every day
Every move, every call, every play
Vegas trips with the homies though seem necessary
But in the circle of gangstas is only customary
I grew up in the house where it touch the ceilings
It's in my dna baby so I see is children

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Hustla Lyrics

Big Zak – Hustla Lyrics