I... put that on my mama No
snitchin me no bitchin me They
comin found my promise promise, Their
bomb money their, loyal money That
bear money yeah they kill money Never
say no lanes Tell,
me to old my ank Whatever
is what I need to know We
gonna put me up on top That
favourite s titnot, just sucker s titReal
n anuss titnot, that f k**s tit2

x Hook Shout:
out to my big homie shout, out to my og's Shout
out to my plip pox My,
oldest homies is get real with me Who
My? big homie who, My? big homie Who
My? big homie who, My? big homie Don't

long em no money if you can't ford to givin 'Cause
it don't pay you back You,
gonna be ready to kill em Now
you culture a body now, you stuck with a zombie This
should brave your secret it was all for the money Now
don't f k**with no n anusif you a part of your system I
don't cash a Boy... I friendly your system Take
your profit and suck em in discreet location I
ain't so much a closet oh you grand mama basement Boy
I see some maniac some bout to look different Take
this game I'ma kill you put, yourself to position That's
what cool late is told you That's,
what flight out showed me And
no never let no b h***come between you and your homies [Hook


told me how to pick a b h***It
ain't all about being life skin on some cuter s titCheck
a pedigree for you call a white fee N
anusmay show that Louie fee 'Cause
all them kids now balls is a bro For
your man shoot she was hot dogs Now
watch out she ain't give a check f d****up And
she ain't do for ti the b h***right now Big
homie keep the one thug with me Big
homie gonna pipe out with me Why
you think I never c droporn some Stay...
low stack it up and keep with it Stay
away from roll n anusI... ain't greed it Top
low work n anusf k**your feelings Be
... your homie no need to more chillin And
n anusround me no get get it You
could hold the hand you could let it go Do
you figure out who really friend the foe Every
woman you need she ain't the hoe If
you're losin b h***is twenty more Yeah
that's real homie yeah, I feel you homie You
want in the millie homie s, titLet's
get spare it homie [Hook


I've been out in this streets mane I
ain't been grind it hard on the day to day We
gotta watch your back when you do your thing Because
the game ain't free you gotta pay the play And
is the play you wait I know way it all You
In... the joke don't say you ball You
ain't got work you don't say you do Because
I hear with the play with you Every
day everybody won't hear a thing It
want the piece in the chain in the bank it ray It
want the house on the hill with the boats of moats Carry
on champagne just to close the mows Whatever
flow Gonna... ride with that When
the foe come through you gonna have again When
you're sitting with Stand... at the wall You
don't realize n anusyou don't get it all From
when it chips a dam down, to now Stuck
in a hoe no diming now We're
mother fuckin friends won't answer a call And
put money on you down puts it all That's
when you know who to trust In
... my fam is down with us That's
who I know gonna grab with me My
big H to the omg a big homie [Hook

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Big Homie Lyrics

Big Zak – Big Homie Lyrics