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The One Lyrics

Big B – The One Lyrics

[intro]Yo Yo Big B I got a rap to put down for y'all. You know? Holla
Dedication To Maggie Merril. Cuz I love her, and I don't give
A fuck what anyone else says. Here It go

[Verse:] Yo I met a girl while on the job.
Yo we worked together and she was hott.
Maggie Merril Spell that shit with a Capital M
And I was just hopin that we could be friends.
So I got to know her and she was aight.
And to this day we ain't had a fight.
So I think that's kewl but it came to a stop.
Detassling ended and we never talked.
Day In and day out she was on my mind.
All I could was damn that girl fine!
So I waited and waited untill my time.
Yo I was so so close to makin her mine.
Then this som bitch came back in her life.
Even though he put her through all this pain strife.
Bo, yo, that kids fucked up
Wants to kick my ass for likin a girl
I gonn and told his ass bring it cuz she means the world to me.
I don't give a fuck cuz shes the one.
I went up to Bo and told him step off son.

[Chorusx2] This Girlz the one she has to be
The only guy she needs is me
I really like her, I always have
Not bein with her makes me mad

[Verse 2:] So anyways what I'm tryin to say.
This kid shes with now, the dude is gay.
Yo he is wrong for her in so many ways.
Shit, like I said before he fucked up bad.
He hit a fuckin girl, yo ain't that sad.
I don't get this game of love.
This shit ain't right I hate the games.
I like a girl and she likes me back.
We don't hook up, yo aint that whack?
I fell for her and damn I fell hard.
I can't lose you cuz itd tear me apart.
Shit the boys tell me she is just a girl.
Like I said before she is my world.
So fuck all the people who don't think I can.
Big B, Bowen Stall bout to be a man.
And just when things were goin good,
Bo screwed up yo I knew he would.
So I thought that they would call it quits.
But no she decided to stay with that som bitch
Damn, can't you see that I really like you?
I just pray to god that you like me too.
If you was my girl I would be complete.
Without you you got me hustlin, runnin tha streets.
Without you girl there is no me.
So I'm beggin you I'm beggin you I'm beggin you plese.
Brush that dirt off your shoulder and outta your eye.
And when you open em u'll see that I'm your guy.
So if your hearing what I'm sayin baby girl listen up.
Just forget about Bo cuz he don't give a fuck.
I would wait 1, 000 years to make you mine.
All I need is a lil of your time.
You say you like bad boys well here I am.
So drop col and come get me if you can.
I won't play you show you off or any of that.
I just want you to know baby girl yo I got ur back(Holla)
I swear if he hurts you imma fuck that kid up.

[Breakdown] Yo Yo I love you boo

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