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I'm Ready Lyrics

Big B – I'm Ready Lyrics

(Big B)
Uh, yea, I feel this, yo, yo yo,
I feel this shit, its goin down
Uh, uh, yo yo

Verse 1: (Big B
Yo fucking listen
I got the ammunition
To keep you bitching
Take you to another deminsion
My rhymes take you behind
Cross this line
I take your mothafucking spine
Take your friend
Now his lifes to an end
Where to begin I'm a put you in a pin
I arrive with my 45
I gotta survive
Now you going take 5
Take a nap
Better watch your fuckin back
Cause I stay strapped ready to attack
I'm the mac

Chorus: (Big B)
I'm Big B and I'm ready
So you better stand steady
I take my gun and pop
Make sure that you fools drop

Verse 2 (Big B)
Now open wide and realize
Keep your hands high
I'll make you cry or else
I'll make you die
Stand back
Get my gat blow your back
How to react
When you aint got no ass
In the grass 6 feet deep
Tears on your cheek
I sweep the weak in defeat
You can't beat me
Mothafucka try
I come in and make
You mothafuckas cry
Watch me slide
With my fucking glock
Knock off you block
You end up in shock
Clear the deck when I wreck
What you expect
Mothafucka coming faster than a fucking jet

Verse 3 (Esp)
Straight up
I don't give a fuck
I done came out the ghetto
To get me a buck
You simply be retro
But you know I aint gonna let go
Till I put my fucking demo
Up in my 2 black limos
Them hoes the ones
That I had to make a siut of eskimo
Cause the weathers cold
I had to get a hold of the fucking
Hatas crush heads and chest plate 'em
Aint nothing to say to them
I just ate 8 of them
All these men see my claws
It brings out my laws
Clunk out jaws
Take the brains
If you end up to crawl
I made you raw
Fuck it I made you all
You assume fall
I'm the wizard
Eat you like a lizard
Hate you taking pictures
Send them to my sisters
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