When the power struggles gone,
Remember everyone,
A social atmosphere that's decayed to dust,
Reconstruction efforts failed,
Why must we live in hell,
Was this war planned or was it not foreseen

When all is lost,
And the rivers red,
We're reminded of things they had said,
Piece to you and piece to me,
But you will never see what's free,
Institutions all decayed,
Lost in the battlefield we made,
They said it's for freedom,
But we know they're full of shit,

Ignorance to some has proven bliss,
So this is why I raise my fucking fist,
We elected those who weren't competent,
Breath the air a social pestilence
When the war ends...

Corporate asses and governments
Come together to smash dissent,
Display facts and "evidence"
That terrorists hate existence,
Faith has risen and there's less food,
How can no one connect the two,
Life your life and apathetic view,
Just sit at home and watch your tube.

We've become all mindless drones,
Walk the streets as if we're clones,
They set up a new world order,
We just notice this world is colder,
They abolish rights and veto the aid,
Don't ease off until you get paid,
Forget the fact that you're enslaved,
To a puppet master you've been played,
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When The War Ends... Lyrics

Beyond Decay – When The War Ends... Lyrics