Addicts in the window
And the streets are in dismay
While another riot starts
And the cops are all to blame
As another child sleeps
And a priest ain't put to shame
Another homeless man is
Begin for a break

Owned and controlled
By a mainstream media or a
Corporate outfit that is feeding you shit
Their thinking up a line
To cover up their crimes
With their catchy little jingles and their marketing lines
The bastards in the suits don't tell the fucking truth
Search among the pieces, seek out the fucking proof
Reaping out the resources, of the poor countries
In debt the third world and take their fucking piece

Time after time
As we wonder why
The corporate run state
Pumps out so many lies
To keep us all alert
For terror they "Divert"
We all just live in fear
And kiss the corporate rear
They're fucking with our heads
Rich mans sleeping in our beds
Lets severe all the ties
And question all the whys
We will resist,
Fight off the corporate snitch

Were just a ticking time bomb
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Ticking Time Bomb Lyrics

Beyond Decay – Ticking Time Bomb Lyrics