This world is dying everything
Don't let it come between us
Our fate has traveled this far
And now the storm brings us faster to a close
Brimming with pathetic prose

And to think we created this monster
Crawling in and walking out on us
To think that we craft our own disasters
Falling in and falling out of hope

Call it our nature or call it what you will
Automatic, trapped in the undercurrent
Presumed an unstoppable force
Through the ages spilled onto pages

Shine on you nonbelievers
You can call it colossal upheaval
When we wake up from our induced slumber
They can try but they can't conquer us all

Blinding brilliant light
Alludes to the illusion of serenity
So show me what it takes
To fall asleep on the eve of destruction

Cracked with the drought
Something amiss in the bleak dissembled out
Song in our heads
Completely depleted
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Repercussions Of Destroying A Pearl Lyrics

Beware The Neverending – Repercussions Of Destroying A Pearl Lyrics