I don't care, you can try and break me down
The struggle makes me stronger
The scars will make me proud

A darker day is fast approaching
The world you know will crumble to ashes
You will be judged, you will be reckoned
The world you know will crumble to ashes

You claim to be a hero
A protector to the weak
But you're just as evil
A pointless death in silence

It's at your hand
You dwell in sadness
A tattered flag
That cries out for violence

You must, you must have it all
You must have it all figured out
It's a picture perfect vision of a life
It's what we've been taught to dream about

Looking down on us with condescending eyes
They say what you think
They say what you mean

Claimed a throne
Adorned a crown
It's not what you want
It's not what you think
Take this life you had and throw it away
Like everyone else

You're just a victim
Distorted vision
Defined by corruption
You'll just consume yourself
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Farewell Hiroshima Lyrics

Beware The Neverending – Farewell Hiroshima Lyrics