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Got What It Takes Lyrics

Berserkr – Got What It Takes Lyrics

What kind of curse has been cast
Upon our people today?
It seems the minds of our youth
Have been eaten away
Our elders are corrupt and weak
The sane are stifled when they stand to speak
How much more of this madness
Are we able to take?

Are you ready to stand
Toe to toe with the fire?
Are you ready to stare your fate in
The face? Our time is running out-
We're down to the wire
Have you got what it takes
To stand up for your Race?

The killers of our people
Wear an old disguise
We're wathing them kill us
With our own eyes
Or are we just too blind to see?
They've been after our souls for centuries
Let's put an end to this madness
Once and for all

The fight for our Race
Is an old familiar fight
But self-preservation is our duty
And out final right
Through few of us are ready to give
It's gonna take a war for our people to live
The beauty of our children will
Be our reward
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