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Deutschland Lyrics

Berserkr – Deutschland Lyrics

Vilified and curserd your name
Taught your children guilt and shame
Firebombed your cultural centers
Dresden, Hamburg blown to splinters

Many have tried to quench your flame
To salt your ground and soil your name
The world warred once to build you pyre
But you rose like a phoenix from the ashen fire

Deutschland- The world was yours, Can you remember when?
Deutschland- Will you break your bonds, So your folk can rise again?

No wall can shroud your people's eyes
The time has come, Let the eagle rise
It's time the eternal foe must fall
Your victory shout is freedom's call

Ich Bin Stolz! Your children shout,
The battle cry: Auslander Raus!
Our life or death is in their hands
Our great and ancient fatherland!
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