[Verse 1]
I am a foreigner
I don’t know my name in this tongue
I’m glad to be alive here, I’d say
But it’s hard to say
I have my family near
We dance together all day
That is foreign here, I heard
Those are foreign words
My father took me out to observe

[Bridge 1]
Eyes pressed in
Pretending they see no life
Stumbling away from every living thing

[Bridge 2]
Nothing withheld
Until one breaks the other’s shell
It makes me want to run back to my mother’s arms

[Bridge 3]
Feel the tension
Every single place I’ve been
It sings and somehow everybody listens

We can’t read this contradiction
Let us in, let us in Lord
Oh to be a learned citizen
Oh to be, oh to understand

[Verse 2]
But I am a foreigner
Maybe it’s all for nought
I hate to be lost all day
But I will today
Once again
Keep me in
Slow success
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The Tension Lyrics

Ben Somerville – The Tension Lyrics

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