[Verse 1]
Once upon a long, at the turn of the cent
We hear our future drift over the crest
All the elders crying, and they drag us along
We don’t know better than to join in song
A couple of us gather at the age of ten
We jibe at this idea of a crest
Let the elders cry and let them fight
While we create our everlasting light

[Verse 2]
We were just children
Strength in numbers worked back then
Such a city I had never seen before
And for eyes like mine, never again
Never again

Selfishness and its infinite hands

Little actors on the stage
And we thought it was all real
Little lovers of the stage
And we swore it was all real
Little lovers, little lovers
Lord I swear it was all real
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The Stage Lyrics

Ben Somerville – The Stage Lyrics

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