It felt like any soul I'd ever had was diminishing to cinders,
And out of those cinders came a helpless, feeble, aching man,
The blocks of my heard were now coated with the colour of the sea,
And the apartment inside was empty.
As I gaze around, all I see is all I can see:
Where else could I be?
There's no opportunity on these streets to not be the onliest.
The fire in my hearth had waned,
The winter drew nearer to spring,
I thought I'd found a kindred spirit but I knew not a thing,
The race was on and you'd ceased making tracks weeks ago.
These seasons lay burning behind me,
I wish I had no converged with you,
For maybe I'd hold conviction in love.
The smoke and the flames ascended through all the skylights,
And dissipated with each thing I had ever held close to me,
I shed every tear that my anatomy contained,
For these things I will die for,
I will never be saved.
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For What Is Now Lost Lyrics

Belle Haven – For What Is Now Lost Lyrics