Hear these verses spoken by both you and I, these shackles have bonded.
They have created us, conscious, withered, weary, wanting meaning
From this barren, benign, broken.
This bare bone life we've been leading,
Has been held at the throat, by the blade of a knife,
Long cold, dead hearts now seething,
Upon glass thrones, tonight they dine on the blood of the ignorant,
Bar the doors for they have come for us all.
Cast iron adorns our throats, these confines have bonded.
We have been born blind and reared, trained as fools.
Fear chaining, senses fading, forced bowing, prone and always blinded.
The key to deliverance suspended before us,
Shrouded and hidden by utter darkness,
And all you must do is reach out for it, and all you must do is reach.
Condemned to be free, no longer blinded by the idolatry.
As the first dawn breaks upon us, a gnarled branch and an ivory tusk,
This noble lie means nothing to me, this noble lie means nothing to me.
So tear the scales from your eyes and look out upon a bleak existence,
One where the promise of purpose is bartered, rewritten and twisted,
Our teeth have been sharpened, so to must be our minds,
Thought can not be turned for profit, the path will never be defined.
We rise to the challenge, to the responsibility, to this very moment in time,
We rise to face the faceless, they are great in number,
But we must be greater in conviction,
We rise and break from our chains to turn, unblinking toward a future undetermined,
We rise, the caves mouth gapes endlessly, ever expanding, before us,
So we'll storm that tower ever upward toward the keep,
Our own hands await us there; my reflection staring back at me.
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Ideal Victims Lyrics

Belle Haven – Ideal Victims Lyrics