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Xul Lyrics

Behemoth – Xul Lyrics

from album: Demigod (2004)
(music and lyrics by Nergal)

The son ov morn
What made me so divine?
I, transcending ecstasy through ecstasy
I who am eternally defined by my Will

Lead: Seth

Behold I am the spawn of downcast Ariman
Awakened, yet am no longer human
Kindle me to Thy rapture
As I descend into Sheol

Hiva! Hear my call!
Transform my flesh into flame
Hiya! Hear my cry!
Sustain my being in million-fold forms

Background lead: Nergal

Our creed: the living flesh
Our law: trespass all the laws
Since nuit is our refuge
And hadit becomes our light

Lead: Nergal

All stirs within
Tis chaos in and above me
In the world ov nether-nether
"I" infinite space is all-consuming

Behold! I am unending!
The consciousness ov "I" shines universally
Unbound by wretched dogma
I spew my will forth!
Hell is democracy!

Background lead: Nergal

All things exist in me
I believe in naught save myself
My sermon steadfast and proud:
There is nothing but god in me!

All things stir in me
With joy and suffering
My sermon steadfast and proud:
There is nothing but god in me!

Lead: Karl Sanders
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Songwriters: ADAM DARSKI
Xul lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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