Be down, .. fiat .. graw blood will I do it,
I told. Live this life. Bid chaos rip it.
Live to out the fear. I suffered weight high and low.
I can't afford. Black and sore.
I dreamt of this shadow of futility.
In my own fire way I turned to boneless.
Be all of, fear it all.
Secriet in something.
Further to see you.

The accuse in the fall...
Sounds like the horns.

And so I reverse to will of my fortune.
Hot like, eye of the lion.
With every breath stolen from me it's my rage and reign and lay in the sire.

Speak the throat I only son reverse the history of men.
Fall as we save the world.
Black my eyes out in my hold.
Make me face the liar.
Chaos live with it.
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Furor Divinus Lyrics

Behemoth – Furor Divinus Lyrics