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Da Heist Lyrics

Beelow – Da Heist Lyrics

(Scene from an old gangsta movie)

Yea, yeah we gotta, we gotta scatter out locations
We gotta get the best cars, gotta keep new tires on 'em
And tint our windows
I can take care of the head man in town
You gotta the play yo cards right, right, oh yeah

[Verse 1]

I'm just laid back chillin', broke as a joke
It's a drought off in that 3rd, ain't no slanging no dope
So I called my nigga Tron to see what he think
"Man I been thinking about hittin' this bank"
Ah shit, do it figure, you done put it on my mind
Let me know what's happening, nigga holla at me, ahhhhh!
Man you must be crazy, you done this shit before
We need another nigga, "Man I'm finna call Beelow"
Tony know that hoe, that work at the bank
Some armed robbery shit, stick the guard with the shank
Busted off in the do', lay it down in this hoe
Don't a motherfucker move, face down on the flo'
Beelow got the money and Tron in the truck
If I hear a fuckin' siren, everybody gettin' fucked
Hit them bitches up a hundred fifty five a piece
Beelow and Lil' Dirty with a strong armed robbery

(Scene)Talking back and forth:

We are not talking about getting out of this game
We are out of the game
I'm talking about a couple of million dollars
A couple of million dollars, now that's interesting
That's a lot of money
That is a lot of money
Yeah, I'm talking about our children and our grandchildren
Not growing up on dirt
We ain't gone have no kids to get ourselves killed

[Verse 2: Beelow]

Ran through the side do'
Layed them bitches down flat
Dirty jumped over the counter watch them bitches in the back
Tron grab the camera so you can hide a nigga face
Snatch the tape out there make a clean get away
Bitch told me the combination so keep them hoes quiet
So I can hear the ticks to get the money out inside
Got the bitch open with only 2 minutes left
So dumped all the money in my sack off the shelf
I heard a loud pop!, man what the fuck is that?
Man Dirty caught a bitch tryin' to sneak out the back
Now its murder, armed robbery, but the money's looking good
So we had to get lil bitch cause she knew us from the hood
So meet me later on so we can split up the loot
By this time tommorrow boys, we be chillin' in Cancun

Beelow talking:

Ballaholic you know what I'm saying
It's drought season, we had to get that

(Scene)Talking back and forth:

I just got one question...
Hell yeah the money's there, 3 million dollars worth
Saw it throught the little peep hole downtown
Got damn it boys this is everything we need
We got a job to do here, and if we do it right it's the last one
It's too much money Willis
Now how we gone get away with that it's like
Killing someone, they just ain't gotta let it go
We'll be in Mexico
You ain't up with it today Joe
Naw, ain't saying that it's just...
Then here's your chance, you want out?
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